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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Prevent Trafficking

                                                             Prevent Trafficking

Violence and Trafficking : There are various reason for trafficking, internal conflicts etc….. but the major reason is lack of awareness and insecurity of an individuals. As per some reports  major number of children and teenagers have been kidnapped or been abused . These kids were attracted to the strangers in name of love, especially when both the parents were working. One need to ensure and share the thought once in a while to kids that their parents love them. The communication gap between them is a major reason for kids becoming an online prey.

Application like Safe City can help in identifying the locations where children and women are not safe. 

Share a stort / poem /stage show / street show / Role Play/ puppet show / Create a computer game with various characters based on real life incidences ask children to choose any art and perform as a special program. 

Telecast radio show and documentary films, Gardens of night (2008) is one such film that shows the truth of trafficking every parent needs to watch. 

Share pinterest in the social media, so it gets the attention of the mass number of people.

Street Light
Areas where street lights are not present, as well becomes a crime prone zone.Ensure streetlights are there with proper settings with grills across the light, so glasses doesn't breaks them.

Major reason for crime are because of the lack of fulfillment of an individual, while satisfying the lowest level of the Maslow principles. If one gets freed of the basic needs, crime level can be reduced. 

Repetitive  advertisement on the principle and values of humans can groom better humanity. If the humanity and values gets preserved in the individuals there is no need of the punishment, law etc as the values triggers the guilt and servers the judge, Crimes are been committed by people without realizing it is an crime. Thoughts of Buddha needs to spread, not for spreading Buddhism, but it serves as rule book for a person, how one needs to live. If one doesn’t values others life as their own , crime and violence doesn’t stop.

Phone for a child: The idea of mobile, is to reuse the mobiles that gets dumped during the phone exchange offers. Most of the phones can be tracked as mentioned in  so in the places where human security is a concern, if these phones gets donated to people, this tracking facility can be used to track a child. For the mobile companies it is a social cause and the government we are recycling a product and pollution as well will be reduced.

Tie up with Wild life / Media Team : It’s a well-known fact that lot of people women and children gets abducted in forest. But surviving in forest isn’t easy, on a whole one needs to cook the food, food needs to be brought from town and more over one needs to settle next to a water body when the electricity isn’t present. So setup some cameras at the entry exit of a forest roads and near the water bodies and rivers where the stream speed is less or where there is a bridge. One can set camera on animals as well in crime zones. As most of these are been used by wild life journalist, and Camera companies sponsor them. Have a tie up with them, the data collected by them can be helpful.

Some of the photography can be captured by tying to an animal where based on suspect, if infra red mode of camera gets used one can capture more details, Journals which deals in photography can guide in this case as they use most of these gadgets on daily basis.

Animal's reaction to fire:
Animal's response to fire can help in monitoring,a area, most of the animals tend to runaway from fire, if this area can be captured or if one can trace the fire/smoke esp camp fire when food gets cooked. One can find the lost child or people in remote areas.

Game on awareness: